At American Express Global Business Travel, we help thousands of companies around the world, both big and small, carry out better business travel. We tailor our corporate travel services to the individual needs of each particular company. Not everyone travels the same, but everyone travels to move their business forward. American Express Global Business Travel helps them do so, providing corporate travel service that optimizes their programs, drives big savings, provides actionable insights, and provides care to their travelers.

Centralized Visibility

It’s a significant word when it comes to corporate travel service: consolidation. A consolidated program means that not only are you spending in one place, but also that data is collected in one place, giving you maximum visibility. Whether you need to consolidate a national or international business travel operation, American Express Global Business Travel has the expertise to bring results to your company.

A global financial services firm went looking for a travel management company to optimize their program by consolidating their operations in 51 countries around the world. After 12 months’ due diligence, American Express Global Business Travel was awarded their business, and we went to work quickly and efficiently, delivering on a step-by-step program for centralized visibility. This optimization platform ended up bringing the firm an incredible 7 percent reduction in total travel spend in just their first year using business travel services from American Express Global Business Travel.

Driving Savings

Companies use travel to bolster growth around the globe. If they’re not achieving maximum savings on their business travel, they’re being held back.

A Mexico City-based bank asked American Express Global Business Travel to use our business travel services to modernize and optimize the way they did business travel in order to save big. Among other things, we used AIR TRACK EXPERT our fully automated unused e-ticket management tool. It showed that they only ever accounted for and re-used half of their $100,000 in unused tickets. With AIR TRACK EXPERT, they now save more on those unused tickets and do so with less effort.

All told the company, after the full implementation of our suite of corporate travel services, saved $1.3 million in 2012 alone—that’s more than 14 percent of their volume.

Actionable Insights

Superior business travel is not just down to finding the biggest upfront savings on bookings, though. It’s also about gaining insight into how your company buys business travel with the best possible reporting system and, in turn, being able to improve future spending.

A leading Swedish industrial company came to American Express Global Business Travel looking for one thing: improved travel reporting capabilities. We helped them implement a corporate travel service called Global Statement Information (GSI). This has allowed them to maximize their travel ROI by looking at travel data through new lenses.

Traveler Care

American Express Global Business Travel now answers 80 percent of customer calls in less than 20 seconds. It’s our corporate travel services, including this quick response time and an unparalleled level of care for our customers, that separate us from the pack. In addition to driving visibility, savings, and insights for our valued customers, we provide care. We recover wallets and laptops. And we provide support for thousands in times of unforeseen crises. We provide corporate travel services like TRACKPOINT, so that travel managers can pinpoint the location of their valuable employees—the travelers that hit the rails, roads and skies every day to move their business forward.