While many frequent business travelers become creatures of habit with their go-to apps and preferred airlines, it’s always good to check in with the latest tools and products available to help up your travel game.

Stay connected
Being connected is essential for working while traveling, so Wi-Fi connectivity is a critical hotel amenity. But what about during the rest of the trip? While many places are responding to travelers’ demand for reliable connection, there are still plenty of locations, from airports to trains, where Wi-Fi connection remains either unavailable or rather costly. That’s why a personal, portable Wi-Fi hotspot – like the ones available from AT&T™ or Verizon™ — are ideal for working on the go.

Keep tabs on your things
Nothing puts a damper on a business trip like lost luggage. According to a 2016 report airlines are getting better at handling luggage thanks to new technologies and increased use of self-service bag check. Luggage tracking tools like Trakdot™ and LugLoc™ help travelers find their luggage with ease and lessen potential disruptions. By placing one of these tracking devices inside their luggage, travelers can then track their items’ location in real time via a simple mobile app.

Carry a charge
As the complexity and capabilities of smartphones increases, business travelers are progressively using them as a stand-in for their computers — so much so that a fully charged battery may not last for more than a few hours. With portable external battery packs like the Anker® PowerCore and the ASUS™ ZenPower, travelers can access the extra power they need to remain online and connected.

Block out the background noise
Focusing amidst the surrounding bustle of an airport or in an unfamiliar environment can be distracting. Whether you need to get some work done, listen carefully on a business call or just tune things out to relax, a pair of noise-cancelling headphones is a business travel essential. Top makers of these headphones include Bose™, Beats™ and Sennheiser™, and there are a range of designs to choose from, including in-ear and over-the-ear designs.

Drink up
Often thought of as a tool for the hardcore camper or backpacker, purification bottles are also great business travel products. Water bottles like the CamelBak All Clear™ neutralize a wide array of contaminants to lessen your chances of getting sick from the local water while traveling.

Gain entry, save time
Applying for TSA Pre✔® and Global Entry privileges is a must-do for any frequent traveler. By just going through a simple application process and paying a nominal fee, travelers can get a five-year membership to both programs and save themselves quite a bit of time avoiding long lines at the airport.