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Risk Management

A surprise disruption can happen at any time but there’s a way to stay prepared and support your duty of care obligation. Through our Expert Care® solution, you can identify threats, learn which employees are most at risk, and see where they are at any given moment.

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Duty of care and employee well-being are essential core values of our company and we so appreciate your collective efforts in making our travelers a priority.

American Express Global Business US Travel client,

Pinpoint their location

You’ll gain the ability to pinpoint travelers’ most-recent location using their American Express® Corporate Credit Card swipe while also keeping track of your office locations with automatic geographic risk alerts.

American Express® Corporate Card Swipe data is for US-issued cards only with some merchant and timing limitations. Employees must opt in to service.

Act on up-to-the-minute insight

Keep up to date on events around the globe through real-time travel and security information and communicate to employees via text, email, or push notifications on the Amex GBT Mobile app.

Adapt to your needs

Its breakthrough technology can be customized to current needs yet it can also adapt to future needs as your travel program evolves.

Run reports

The tools’ reporting module lets you stay on top of employees’ travel plans and trips which helps from a duty of care perspective.

Identify. Pinpoint. Communicate.

See how it all works out through the breakthrough technology of Expert Care™.

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We’re here to help whether you’re first considering business trips or you already have a travel program.

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