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Research & Insights

Diversity of Approach: A Modern Hotel RFP Process

Traditionally, corporate travel managers working for large multinationals have negotiated request for proposals (RFP) with preferred hotel suppliers on an annual basis with up to 1,000 different hotel groups. But…

Research & Insights

The Corporate Travel Industry Is Catering to Midsize Companies

For the past several years, middle market companies in the United States have been experiencing an economic explosion, growing exponentially compared to their large and small counterparts. According to the…

Travel News

Business Travel Trends That Are Impacting Your Policy

Whether you review and edit yours like clockwork on an annual basis or the same old version has been collecting virtual dust on the company’s intranet since 2008, here are…

Research & Insights

Learn More About Your Corporate Travelers With These 3 Tools

It’s imperative to evaluate the impact your travel program has on the company’s bottom line. But also essential information to analyze is the impact the travel program is having on…

Travel Tips & Trends

Country-by-Country Etiquette Tips for Business Travelers

You may have built a strong rapport with a client you’re visiting on business, but the relationship can sour if you somehow have offended them by unknowingly committing a cultural…

Research & Insights

Cultural Etiquette and the Role It Plays in Pretrip Briefings

Before business travelers step foot in a foreign country, many companies prepare them for the realities and challenges they may experience via pretrip briefings. In addition to the usual topics…

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