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Travel Insights

Tips for Getting a Handle on Your 2021 Corporate Travel Spend

How much will your company spend on travel in 2021? The current atmosphere of uncertainty can make it difficult to forecast business travel needs, and the answer can change with…

Travel Tips & Trends

Flight Delayed or Cancelled? We’re Here to Help!

Whether they are a result of Mother Nature, aircraft mechanical issues, or travel bans, flight delays and cancellations are a reality of business travel. Without the right resources, they can…

Research & Insights

Essential Topics to Cover in a Corporate Travel Policy

More than ever, companies need to have a travel policy in place to protect employees and keep costs in check. Whether you are creating a policy from scratch or updating…

Research & Insights

Corporate Travel Programs: Offering Peace of Mind for Your Corporate Travelers

We often talk about how a managed corporate travel program through a travel management company (TMC) can positively affect businesses. Today, however, let’s shed some light on the benefits to…

Research & Insights

The Benefits of Using a Corporate Travel Service Agency to Navigate Business Travel Today

Some companies may wonder why they need the aid of a corporate travel agency when there’s a slowdown in travel activities. But we would argue that during times of uncertainty…

Travel Tips & Trends

New Report Gives a Glimpse Into “The Future of Business Travel”

Times have changed, but business travel is still essential to many companies throughout the world and the majority of business travelers still prefer face-to-face meetings over video calls, a new…