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Better manage trip costs

A reliable pre-trip approval system makes sure bookings follow the rules and risk guidelines of your company’s business travel policy compliance. That way, you can curb high travel costs and promote safe travels. Expert Auditor™ makes all of that possible.

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Expert Auditor keeps your program in check

The best thing about it? You decide the rules, settings, and workflow since our travel management is completely customizable.

See how it works

Set it up your way

You choose travel booking filters such as lowest airfare alert, class preference, advance purchase, exceed rate caps for hotel and air, and more. Then customize the pre-trip approval workflow based on settings of your choice, such as role, user, or project.

Save time and costs

Get automatic notifications of your travelers’ bookings and identify out-of-policy bookings before the ticket is issued.

Limit trips to high-risk destinations

Take control of your corporate travel policy compliance through our high-risk destination parameter, you choose your workflow based on risk level of city or country. For example, low and moderate risk levels trigger a notification while medium to extreme risk levels require an approval. Risk levels are updated regularly, thanks to our web-based tool, Travel Vitals,™ which is directly linked on all email notifications.

Report on your savings

Create insightful reports that detail the potential and actual savings related to each trip transaction as well as the performance of your corporate travel program overall.

Want to learn more?

We’re here to help whether you’re first considering business trips or you already have a travel program.

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