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Automatic savings

Since we’re all looking to accomplish more in less time, it helps having automated ways to search and book cheaper flights and hotels, after you make trip reservations.

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Here’s how it works

You book a flight and hotel through one of our booking channels. Then our re-shop tools go to work, monitoring rate drops for the same or similar flight and hotel. Once lower rates are found, you’re notified and rebooked without any effort on your part. It’s that simple.

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Airfares change all the time but with Air Re-shop Expert, you’ll never miss the lowest price. That’s because it automatically searches for lower fares on your same flight up until 72 hours of departure with pre-negotiated rates factored in.

This hotel re-shopping tool works along the same lines as Air Re-shop Expert, searching for a similar room, bed type, and amenities, and same cancellation policy. Once a lower rate is found, you’ll be notified and sent an updated itinerary, making the whole process seamless through automation.

With HRE and ARE, clients can save an average of $90 on a re-shopped hotel booking and an average of $72 on a re-shopped flight.2

keeping track of your office locations with automatic geographic risk alerts.

2 HRE average savings per booking is based on HRE data in October 2020. ARE average savings per booking is based on ARE data full year 2020.

HRE’s reporting dashboards integrate with our reporting tools, providing a big-picture view of your hotel savings. Yet you can also delve deeper into key areas like average savings per hotel booking and view air savings in detail.

These tools chart it all out for you with easy-to-follow graphic reports, which help determine what steps are needed to improve your travel program.

Get a complete view of your savings through monthly reporting.


Analyze data to optimize the performance of your travel program.


Access better rates by demonstrating to suppliers the alternative saving options.


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We’re here to help whether you’re first considering business trips or you already have a travel program.

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