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Built for business travel

We created the Amex GBT Mobile app to give business travellers the best way to simply and easily manage every aspect of their trips. That’s why our app comes standard with an intuitive user experience, elegant design and deep functionality. But we’re not done—because day in and day out, we’re focused on making AmexGBT Mobile app even better.

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Amex GBT Mobile App

Timely and actionable trip information services in the palm of your hand.

Feature highlights

Trip management

Check into flights, share itineraries and view every detail of future and past trips quickly.

Proactive Traveller Care™

When travel disruptions occur, stay ahead of the curve with real-time updates and proactive two-way messaging.

Traveller messaging

Travel managers can push messages to travellers to encourage compliance and communicate travel risks.

Connected in mobile

Air, hotel, car, rail and ground transportation bookings—all viewable in one united itinerary that updates automatically. Simplicity achieved.

On-the-road made easy

Take the stress out of travel with tap-to-call live assistance and real-time itinerary updates. For customers on Proactive Traveller Care, two-way service messaging helps with travel interruption management. Two-way security messaging is available for customers on Expert Care™.

The Amex GBT Mobile app is available to all American Express
Global Business Travel customers who have enrolled.

Download on the App Store  Download on the Play Store

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