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Put hassle in the rear view mirror

When business travellers can forget about travel and focus on business, we’ve done our job. And to that end, our Proactive Traveller Care services can swiftly take care of everything from a lost laptop to a plane delay—even if it’s at two in the morning, twelve time zones away from home. But our expert problem solvers aren’t just focused on being the best at taking care of travel’s infinite details. They’re also focused on being the best in the world at taking care of people. In truth, it’s the reason we’re here.

It is very rare that you see this level of customer service anymore and I must say it has left a very strong positive impression on me.

CEO, US-based consulting company

Services & support


Talking to robots can be tough. Our expert travel problem solvers are available around the clock with instant access to itineraries, profiles and supplier programs—because support should be simple.

Personal Assistant

Companies big and small deserve dedicated support. Optimised for midsize companies, Personal Assistant offers direct access to a small, dedicated team of travel counsellors.

Visa & passport

Navigating the rules, regulations and bureaucracies of countries far and wide can be tough. We’re here to help make life abroad a breeze with our network of vetted third-party vendors that can assist with all your visa and passport needs.


An around-the-clock, proactive, personalised travel and concierge service, FIRST makes stress-free travel a reality. All travellers need to do is focus on getting the job done.