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Keep Safe During Your Next Hotel Stay With Our Pro Tip Checklist

Many hotel brands have introduced enhanced safety and cleaning protocols over the last few months, but guests should also take extra precautions to maintain their well-being during an overnight stay….

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Maintain Your Safety at the Airport With Our Pro Tip Sheet

Airports around the world have implemented rigorous cleaning and security protocols to minimize health risks, but travelers also should be taking extra safety precautions to maintain their well-being. To help…

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Now’s the Time to Address Travel Program Leakage and Boost Visibility

Getting all your travel program data in once place is hard. Out-of-policy bookings and poor data capture make it difficult to paint a complete picture. But if you find a…


What to Expect for Air Travel in 2020

While more people are flying, the experience may feel completely different to travelers with new safety protocols being implemented at airports and on planes. To get a better understanding of…

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When in Delhi…A Business Traveler’s Guide to This Indian Territory

Mesmerizing and sprawling, Delhi serves up a cornucopia of history, culture, commerce, cuisines and experiences – built up layer upon layer over millennia – along with a vibrancy that’s like…

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Dispelling 4 Common Myths Employees Have About Managed Travel Programs

We know there are a lot of misconceptions traveling employees (and even some travel managers) have about managed travel. So today let’s lay to rest some of the confusion once…

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The 411 on Our 101 Travel Management Guides

Whether you just became the leader of your travel department or “travel manager” is an addendum to your full-time role, running a corporate travel program is a more complicated job…

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7 Subscription Services to Purchase for Business Travelers

For those who do their holiday shopping at the 11th hour, subscription services are wonderful last-minute gifts. There’s no need to fight the crowds at the mall or worry if…

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American Express Global Business Travel’s 2018 European Business Travel Barometer

Despite a geopolitical climate that potentially could have had a negative impact on business travel (i.e., Brexit and travel restrictions initiated by U.S. President Donald Trump), European companies saw their…

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A Business Traveler’s Guide to Navigating Singapore

BMW, Sony, Hewlett Packard, Facebook, LinkedIn, Apple, Google, Microsoft, General Electric and Walt Disney Company — these are just some of the Fortune 500 companies that have chosen to plant…