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What to Expect for Air Travel in 2020

While more people are flying, the experience may feel completely different to travelers with new safety protocols being implemented at airports and on planes. To get a better understanding of…

Travel Tips & Trends

How We Operate Our Business in the Most Sustainable Manner

Environmental sustainability is a high priority for our clients and suppliers – as it is for us too. We are proud of the tremendous strives we have made in this…

Travel Tips & Trends

The Travel Management Company Is Your Greatest Ally

It has been said many times: during periods of disruption, travel management companies (TMCs) show their real value. This is not news to the travel manager. It is only when…

Travel Insights

Developing a Business Continuity Plan: A Q&A With Sasha Kalb, Vice President, Risk, Compliance, and Environmental Social Governance

Whether a company has invested a lot or a little in its business continuity plan (BCP), it shows when a crisis or disruption transpires. Those with practiced procedures in place…

Travel Tips & Trends

Diversity and Inclusion Are Deeply Rooted in Our Culture

As a global company with a presence in 140 countries, we understand how much employing people with various backgrounds, cultures, and opinions enriches our company. A diverse workforce better enables…

Travel Tips & Trends

7 Ways to Prepare Your Travel Program for the New Reality Ahead

Now is an opportune moment for corporate travel teams to get their travel programs ready for the future. Here are seven areas to assess: Shore up duty of care gaps….

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