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Travel Tips & Trends

When in Toronto…A Business Traveler’s Guide to “T.O.”

Toronto is the vibrant, multicultural, and welcoming city on Lake Ontario’s shore that Peter Ustinov once described as “New York City run by the Swiss.” Arriving in Toronto Toronto’s Pearson…

Research & Insights

Green Travel White Paper: Approach to Integrating Sustainability in Business Travel

Over the past two years, our clients have expressed a growing interest in integrating corporate sustainability goals into their travel program. This push for sustainability is primarily driven by consumer…

Travel Tips & Trends

White Paper: Savings Opportunity in Business Meals Category

At American Express Global Business Travel (GBT), we recognise there is a tremendous opportunity to drive savings in the “Travel & Expense” category. Based on recent interactions with some of…

Travel Tips & Trends

When in Munich…A Business Traveler’s Guide to Bavaria’s Capital

Heading to Munich? Here is some advice on getting the best out of a visit to this beautiful city.  Arriving in Munich Munich International Airport has flights to 266 destinations…

Travel Tips & Trends

Chatbots and AI: What Is the Reality in the Business Travel Industry?

Not so long ago a group of mathematicians and scientists proposed a summer workshop at Dartmouth College in New England to study a newly emerging area of research. This new…

Travel News

As Our Brand Identity Evolves, How We’re Making a Difference in This World

Joining forces with HRG in 2018 was a pivotal turning point for American Express Global Business Travel (GBT). In combining our organizations, we were not just welcoming new people but…

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