2020 Global Meetings and Events Forecast

Looking into 2020, meeting professionals are “very optimistic” about the meetings and events industry. Our global survey respondents are predicting that the industry will remain steady with moderate growth across all meeting types, modest increases in spend, and a continued focus on the attendee experience and delivering experiential events. Download our 2020 Global Meetings and Events Forecast to find out more!  

Gain valuable insights into the world of Meetings & Events in 2020

Small Meetings: The Next Frontier of Meetings Management

Small and simple meetings have historically confounded meeting program owners and are often the last area to receive attention in a managed meeting program. This section looks at the top considerations for meeting program owners who are interested in getting a handle on this meeting type.

Learn About Regional and Global Trends

Gain insight into  key global and regional trends and activities shaping the meetings and events industry in the coming year.  In our Forecast, you will learn about the overall industry outlook on the ability to manage and create engaging meetings, including technology enhancements, event design priorities, and maximizing budgets.  We will also explore the implications and recommended actions for meeting professionals.

Delivering a Personalized Incentive Travel Program

Personalization continues to be a buzzword throughout the industry. But the demand for personalized experiences—spurred on by the technology in our daily lives—is a reality. This section gives practical advice on how to create an experience that will make award winners feel truly valued, and increase the impact of your incentives investment.

Planners Want Pain-Free Reconciliation to Paint More Robust Meeting Spend Pictures

In the section, you will find trends and challenges in the reconciliation and payment space for events and meetings. Based on a separate survey created in conjunction with The BTN Group, this paper uncovers the primary challenges, and looks at ways to close gaps and improve the critical payment and reconciliation process.

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