You know you’ve done an excellent job making travel arrangements for the executive you report to. From triple checking the itinerary to reconfirming all the ground, air, and hotel bookings, you feel confident it all should go off without a hitch.

But what do you do if an unexpected flight disruption derails your best-laid plans? After all, flight delays and cancellations can happen anytime as a result of Mother Nature, mechanical issues, labor strikes, and other circumstances beyond your reach. And what if the flight gets canceled when your executive team is traveling in a different time zone and it’s the middle of the night back home? Must you be woken up at 3 a.m. and scramble to rebook their trip?

Fortunately, there is a better solution. Proactive Traveler Care™ (PTC) from American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) is a flight disruption service that can act like your very own travel assistant, handling these annoying issues without any sort of intervention required on your end.

Proactive Traveler Care uses cutting-edge technology to monitor travelers’ flights in real time, anticipate flight disruptions proactively, and automatically contact your impacted executive team to help with rebooking assistance, so they can have their travel rebooked quickly and easily — all without having to reach out to their assistant (i.e., you!).

The way it works: When a company is enrolled in Proactive Traveler Care and travel has been booked through GBT, our technology proactively monitors travelers’ flights closely around the clock so that the moment a flight disruption occurs, we can respond swiftly.

If there is a flight delay of over 60 minutes, a cancellation, or a possibility that a traveler may miss their connection, a notification will automatically be sent to the traveler via email, text, or the Amex GBT Mobile app to see if rebooking support is needed. For example, if the traveler replies “yes,” then a travel counselor will reach out to them directly and offer assistance.

Our travel counselors are available 24/7 and can help with rebooking requirements, whether that means rescheduling the flight only or having hotel and/or ground transportation reservations rebooked as well. Our travel counselors also work with travelers to make sure they travel the way they wish and have access to all their booking preferences, so they quickly can suggest a new trip without having to talk to the traveler.

Whether an executive prefers to wait to make that 10-hour trip when a business class seat opens up or they prefer to get home on the next available flight and don’t care where they have to sit, Proactive Traveler Care helps make that rebooking happen quickly and seamlessly, ultimately helping to give you peace of mind — and a restful night’s sleep — when your executive is out of town.

Contact us to learn more about Proactive Traveler Care and how American Express GBT can assist with your corporate travel needs.