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Research & Insights

Travel Cost Predictions from the 2015 Global Business Travel Forecast

Get travel cost predictions for 2015 from American Express Global Business Travel. The 2015 Global Business Travel Forecast tells you what you can expect to pay in 2015. The 2015…

Research & Insights

Creating a Tailored Global Workforce Management Travel Program

As companies seek to grow, implementing a successful global workforce management strategy is top priority. Increasing international competition paired with hyper-connected societies drives the need for more and more workers…

Research & Insights

Corporate Travel Programs: Offering Peace of Mind (And More) for Your Corporate Travelers

Much of the talk surrounding the upside to a managed corporate travel program focuses on how it positively affects businesses. While the effects of managed corporate travel programs should not…

Research & Insights

Corporate Travel Services in Action

At American Express Global Business Travel, we help thousands of companies around the world, both big and small, carry out better business travel. We tailor our corporate travel services to…

Research & Insights

The Benefits of Using a Corporate Travel Agency

Some companies still travel without the aid of a corporate travel agency. Partnering with a business travel agency like American Express Global Business Travel can provide many benefits. Discover five…

Research & Insights

Staying on Top of Travel Risk Management for Traveler Security

One of the most important tasks of business travel managers everywhere is to make sure that their employees get home safe. That’s why having a robust travel risk management strategy…