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Autres articles de l’Atlas


Le PDG d’Amex GBT partage sa vision de la reprise des voyages d’affaires

Interview de Paul Abbott, PDG d’American Express Global Business Travel pour The Beat (Traduction) Après des mois de confinement, l’attrait du voyage n’a jamais été aussi fort. Et en même…


Working From Home: Set Yourself Up for Success and Sanity

Many of us find ourselves working from home due to precautions to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. Whether you are joining the remote workforce for the first time or increasingly…

Travel Tips & Trends

Assistance for When An Executive’s Flight Doesn’t Take Off As Planned

You know you’ve done an excellent job making travel arrangements for the executive you report to. From triple checking the itinerary to reconfirming all the ground, air, and hotel bookings,…

Travel Tips & Trends

Come Stay for a While: Tips for Business Travelers to Feel More Comfortable in a Long-stay Accommodation

The perfectly made beds, freshly laundered towels, and plush bathrobes can make a hotel room a pleasant sanctuary for business travelers looking to unwind after an overnight flight and a…

Informations voyage

Key Trends We Predict Will Impact Air Travel in 2020

Looking to 2020, it can seem that the only thing we can be certain of is uncertainty. With increased economic and geopolitical volatility ahead, it is more important than ever…

Travel Tips & Trends

15 Pain-free Ways You Can Become a Greener Business Traveler

We know you may feel conflicted about all the traveling you do because of the impact it has on the environment, so we have put together 15 ways you can…