According to the United Nations, thousands of corporates have identified 2050 as their deadline for reaching net zero, with many committing to a 2030 emission reduction target as a staging post to their 2050 goal.

Organizations are committed to reducing emissions from business travel – but they don’t always know to take the first steps. Our Global Business Consulting team has developed a new report, 5 Steps to Reduce Emissions from Business Travel, to help you take your first steps on your journey to decarbonization.  Using this five-step approach, you can turn a hypothetical conversation into a data-driven business strategy.

In the report, you’ll learn how to:

  • Determine a baseline year and calculate your carbon emissions.
  • Define emission reduction and annual reduction targets.
  • Identify the opportunities to reduce emissions.
  • Develop and implement interventions
  • Monitor progress and adjust where needed.

To learn more, view the full report.