Many travel agencies are tasked with having a well-rounded offering of technologies and services to meet the diverse needs of their client portfolio. In addition, keeping pace with demand often requires optimum rates on air travel routes – one of the largest travel expenditures – cutting-edge technologies that are continuously updated, and varying types of hotel options worldwide. All of that can be a bit daunting without the right resources and support. That’s why American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) has established a travel management network, GBT Partner Solutions (GPS).

The aim of GPS is to help agencies drive more value to their customers in a competitive landscape. By joining this travel network, agency members and independent agents can offer their clients all the options, technology, and service of a world-class travel management company.

It’s not uncommon for companies to develop a network of like-minded partners to help drive business growth for member companies. Partner program, affiliate program, or agency network are names often used by companies to describe their network.

In our case, we wanted GPS to be a true differentiator for members, delivering distinct advantages that can only be experienced through GPS membership. To sum up those advantages, we interviewed John Brehm, director of sales of GPS.

Q. How do travel agencies benefit by becoming a GPS member?

A. Members get access to our comprehensive technology, resources, supplier content, service options, and support. Altogether it creates a travel platform of unrivaled value.

Q. What differentiates GPS from other programs?

A. GPS is highly customizable, meaning members can choose as little or as much technology and service solutions as needed.

They can minimize research and development costs by choosing our technologies because we allocate funds specifically for innovation. In fact, all of our technologies go through extensive rounds of user testing and are updated continuously based on client feedback. That’s a big plus.

Far better choice is another advantage to GPS members. They’d be hard-pressed to find more air, hotel, and car options than what we deliver as a travel management partner worldwide.

Q. How do those options translate into numbers?

A. Let’s start with flights. GPS members get over 90 airlines and multiple routes worldwide. When it comes to hotels, they’ll have discounts and amenities through our hotel marketplace across an array of over 27,000 properties in nearly 110 countries.

Q. What types of technologies are available?

A. Front, middle, and back-office systems. GPS members can choose a few tools or the full tech stack. Let’s say they choose our NeoTM travel and expense tool. They’ll get a single system to book travel and manage expenses. Global distributions systems and ground transportation options are integrated within the tool. As travelers book trips, they’ll find green identifiers that can help them make sustainable choices. Yet, there’s no requirement to choose Neo or any of our other technologies.

Q. Are the service options just as flexible?

A. Yes. GPS members can take advantage of a variety of global service solutions based on their client needs. Chat channels and travel counselor support are some of the solutions available although they aren’t obligated to utilize our service options.

Q. What makes GPS a smart business strategy for agencies?

A. The network enables a strong financial return. By having greater booking options, minimal technology costs, and enhanced service capabilities, members can amplify their value proposition to clients.

In addition, we’ve earned our clients’ trust in our strong risk and compliance measures and service ethic.

Q. How are members supported?

A. They get proactive support and business reports through a GBT account manager. Since GPS is available to agencies globally, we support our members worldwide.

Members also get networking opportunities to connect with peers to share best practices and tips.

Q. If anyone is interested in learning more about GPS, where should they go for information?

A. They can visit our GPS page on our website where they’ll find more details and be guided to a contact form. From there, I’ll be sure to follow up.