What will your air program look like in the new year? Get a clearer picture with American Express Global Business Travel’s (Amex GBT’s) latest Air Monitor 2024 report. Findings show that as the air industry quickly evolves, air prices should begin to stabilize despite a period of continued uncertainty and disruption. See the trends across the globe in South America, Asia, Europe, and more.

Additional air pricing trends to watch out for:

Prepare for the year ahead with a deep dive into the latest trends. Alongside price forecasts on the world’s key business travel air routes, Air Monitor 2024 explores:

  • Factors that drive price movements.
  • Trends like fuel price volatility and reduced “revenge travel”.
  • Modern retailing changes.
  • Strategies for optimal air sourcing.

How Air Monitor was made

In a combined effort, our Amex GBT Consulting team used data generated from our data science team to create Air Monitor. The data for analysis came from Amex GBT’s vast data lake, International Air Transport Association (IATA) air passenger forecasts, and Available Seat Mile (ASM) data from Cirium Diio.

See the trends across the globe in:

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