According to a Global Business Travel Association study, business travel was responsible for 3 percent of U.S. GDP in 2012 ($491 billion)1 . Compare the mere 442 million domestic business trips in the U.S. in 2012 with the predicted 458 million in 2015 and the growth in only three years is staggering2 . However, how are companies handling this continual growth in road warriors?

In the past, business travel managers or travelers themselves would spend hours searching for the best deals or checking the status of flights – wasting valuable time that could be spent planning future travel. And when disasters struck, travelers were often stranded and forced to make arrangements themselves. With the advent of business travel apps, companies are able to save valuable time and money, which ultimately allows for travel growth overall.

Instead of managing every aspect of business trips, travelers are able to let their smartphones do the heavy lifting. Travel management apps, such as EXPERT CARE by American Express Global Business Travel, give the business traveler peace of mind when on the road, while easing the burden of travel manager workloads.

American Express Global Business Travel apps enable companies to locate, communicate, and prioritize aid to travelers impacted by travel disruption. In 2014, a total of 1.2 million flights were delayed and 126,984 flights cancelled in the U.S. alone3. In the past, travel managers manually tracked flights, often using a variety of tools and sources. For large companies with multiple travelers in the air, this process cost time and money as journeys were tracked from start to finish. However with the EXPERT CARE travel management app, real-time flight information is automatically integrated so flight delays and disruptions can be dealt with immediately.

EXPERT CARE also allows travel managers to communicate directly with the traveler and send itinerary updates directly to their smartphone so travelers immediately know when plans change. Overall, these business travel apps save time and money, while providing safer travel for employees, no matter where they are. Can your business really afford to not to invest in a travel management app?