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Research & Insights

17 Quotes from the Travel Policy ACTE Whitepaper on the Evolution of Travel Policy from Travel Managers

The Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) surveyed its community of Corporate Travel Managers. Over 350 responded and participated in the study as well as a global focus group, on…

Regional Focus

ACTE Traveler Behavior Study: Threats, Opportunities, & How Global Events are Driving Change

“Business travelers are not really warriors. They are people with families, mortgages, college tuition, and car payments. They are people whose offices happen to be the world. While the perception…

Meetings & Events

The Benefits of Attendee Travel Management

Travel to and from a meeting or an event is very much part of each attendee’s event experience. Meeting planners and attendees alike can benefit from inclusion of air travel…

Meetings & Events

Take Luck Out of the Equation – Interact, Learn, Measure with Mobile Apps

The online world is colliding with the offline, rendering the smart-phone a remote control for life. Three years ago, one may have hit a city street in the hopes of…

Meetings & Events

Planning Meetings and Events in Emerging Countries

Have you considered placing a meeting in an emerging country? What do you need to look out for when planning an event there? And what is an emerging country anyway?…

Meetings & Events

Incentives: Engage

With all the buzz about how Millennials are changing the workplace and shifting planners’ meeting strategies, it should come as no surprise that this generation – defined globally as individuals…

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