Your business may be small, but you probably purchase a very large amount of different goods and services to keep it thriving. Whether you are buying stationary or uniforms, every item needs to be sourced, priced, approved, purchased, and accounted for quickly and cost-effectively. This is a time-consuming and multi-layered job. The catch is that you may not have the staff, processes or expertise to efficiently handle it. An end-to-end spend management solution with seamless access to one of the world’s largest shopping marketplaces can change the way you manage employee spend for the better.

That is why we integrated Amazon Business with Neo1. Here are three ways this solution can help your business:

  1. Improve employee productivity: Amazon Business is a digital store that serves millions of business customers across the world. It provides a wide selection, convenience, and fast delivery of goods for your business. Integrated into Neo1, it empowers your team to simply, quickly, and transparently purchase exactly what they need without the paperwork or lost-in-translation purchase requests. Because it is available online, and is easy to use, the entire process is quick and easy, leaving more time for your employees to do their real job.
  2. Stay on top of what staff is purchasing: In the Neo1 environment, employees create an Amazon Business shopping cart and submit items for approval using Neo1’s Purchase Request process. Your users can shop and select what they need to do their job, but orders are only fulfilled once they are approved within Neo1.
  3. Get up and running quickly and easily: The process for activating Amazon Business in Neo1 is quick and easy and does not require any technical skills or integration. 

Step 1: Create a punchout group with your Amazon Business account.

Step 2: Add the employees authorized for purchasing via Amazon Business to the punchout group.

Step 3: Enter your Amazon Business ID into Neo1. This instructs the two platforms to talk to each other.

That’s it! You are done, and your employees can now shop and purchase on Amazon Business and all expenses are automatically entered into your systems.

For more information on how Neo1 can give you the integrated purchasing power of Amazon Business, register now. Getting Neo1 set up is free and can be completed within minutes.