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Thinking ahead

Finding travelers with EXPERT CARE when travel disruptions occur


With hundreds of travel impacts each year ranging from small delays to large natural disasters, accurate and timely tracking of travelers is crucial. In 2014, an American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) customer was conducting business in regions that posed elevated travel risks. They knew it was their obligation to not only know where their travelers were at all times, but to support their safety to the best of their ability.

At the time, their tracking system was much too manual – they had to sift through spreadsheets to identify potentially impacted travelers when various global events occurred. Realizing how critical time was to the safety of their travelers, they worked with us to identify and implement a quick and effective solution.
We reviewed their program and identified how we could improve their Travel Risk Management (TRM) program and knew the right solution that would give them insight, expertise, and flexibility: EXPERT CARE.


For the company, EXPERT CARE is a powerful integrated interface that tracks, locates, and communicates with all of their employees. We also work with integrated risk management partners, such as iJET International©, to capture best practices in managing travel risk. By implementing EXPERT CARE into the company’s travel management program, they can now take action on identifying the location of their travelers and providing alternative safety measures, if needed.

We collaborated with the company to ensure it fit their needs. To do this, we held training sessions and worked one-on-one with their travel managers over a two-month period to ensure smooth deployment and solution usage.

“Safety of the company’s travelers was priority number one,” said their American Express Global Business Travel Client Manager. “And when they had to go through various resources to see the impact of travel risks, they saw how valuable time was. Now with EXPERT CARE, the insight they have is an entirely new scope of duty of care they didn’t before.”

Additionally, EXPERT CARE goes beyond just a duty of care tool. In fact, the company now has streamlined organizational processes for their employees including business continuity planning, internal meeting planning for Senior Level management, and traveler logistics globally.


The company has found the tool beneficial for events that have significant traveler impacts as well as for future travel to high risk locations. Following a recent large scale travel disruption, the company used the tool to identify if any of their travelers were impacted. It was determined that a group of their employees were scheduled to travel to the same location the following day for a meeting. The company reached out to the employees to advise that it was not in their best interest to continue with the travel, and to reschedule the meeting and travel.

  • Cut down labor-intensive, manual process to instantaneous tracking
    in minutes
  • Avoids costs of up to $43,000 as travel disruption can add 50%¹to the cost of a trip
  • Established self-sufficient system with 24/7 program availability where they can capture near real-time results without reaching out to resources

¹ Source: Global Business Travel Association 2014