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Grupo Alfa Travel Case Study: Consolidating Subsidiaries' Travel Programs

Reducing costs one company at a time

Increasing savings for many companies can be a long game strategy rather than an instantaneous win. This was true for one of our customers in Latin America, GRUPO ALFA, who has more than 50 subsidiaries and 10,000 travelers. One way they wanted to increase their savings was by consolidating all of their subsidiary travel programs and adopting an online booking strategy to alleviate their onsite booking. However, all of this would take considerable time and effort.

Since the company had so many subsidiaries, we had to develop a strategic online adoption implementation.

This strategy included a new, streamlined travel policy that included our online booking tool. This helped reduce the company’s ticket costs and offline booking fees while also providing online expertise and added amenities.

Starting in 2010, we began to implement subsidiaries into the new travel program. Each year, online adoption was not only successful, but the adoption rate has consistently stayed high since then. With strong program support, these changes enhanced traveler productivity and even improved traveler satisfaction.

GRUPO ALFA’s travelers were very receptive to the changes since it meant their travel program allowed more mobility and booking flexibility. “We made training and the online booking tool very user-friendly so travelers were very comfortable,” said Marlene, their American Express Global Business Traveler (GBT) Client Manager. “The traveler’s high level of interest was a momentous driver of the online booking tool.”

GRUPO ALFA benefited from the impact of the online adoption, all in good time.

  • Consistently high online adoption over six years with a current 78%¹ adoption rate
  • 55%¹ reduction in average ticket prices and $17¹ million in savings over six years
  • Simple, straightforward booking process with complete company oversight

¹Source: American Express Global Business Travel reporting