As our travel risk management partner Crisis24 notes in its newly published white paper, “Understanding Duty of Care,” duty of care is a critical component of a corporate travel program, gaining traction both as a guiding principle among senior executives and as a legal obligation for which organizations must prepare.

As companies expand their operations (and their risk profiles), employees and other stakeholders are exposed to an increased number and variety of risks.

As Crisis24 stresses, ensuring the safety and resiliency of all people and operations should be an organizational priority. Taking a proactive approach toward developing and implementing duty of care practices can help companies meet compliance standards while optimizing their enterprise risk management strategies.

American Express Global Business Travel offers a few solutions that can complement your organization’s travel risk management plan. For instance, our crisis management platform, Expert Care™, provides companies the ability to identify and pinpoint their travelers’ locations in real time during an emergency and then communicate with them via text, email, or our mobile app, while our Proactive Traveler Care™ service automatically will check in with travelers experiencing a flight disruption to see if they require rebooking assistance.

Crisis24’s white paper will help organizational leaders understand some of the key duty of care issues and what they should consider when assessing their plan, including:

  • International duty of care laws
  • How to ensure your policies do not increase your organization’s legal liabilities
  • Best practices to assess your organizational readiness
  • How to safeguard your people and operations

To learn more, we encourage you to check out Crisis24’s full white paper by clicking here. Should you need any further guidance on developing or bolstering a travel risk management program, please don’t hesitate to contact our Global Business Consulting team.