“Business travelers are not really warriors. They are people with families, mortgages, college tuition, and car payments. They are people whose offices happen to be the world. While the perception of the invincible traveler is true to an extent, this study reveals a far more personal side to the business traveler: less fearful than anxious; more concerned with professional standing than danger; and more likely to gauge the impact of a threat to the waiting family back home as opposed to canceling a trip.”

Some of the study’s more surprising results were:

  • That 31% of business travelers worry that a reluctance to travel could hurt their career, and that 6 percent would not feel comfortable expressing their concerns to upper management.
  • 67% of travelers state that there is a psychological effect on either them or their families when travelling to a region where they may not feel safe.
  • 10% of business travelers remain “utterly fearless” regarding terrorism, and 25 percent have very little fear.
  • 65% of business travelers have varied fears, including being stranded in a security lockdown, in-flight terror incidents, and the threat of medical health risks.

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