Modern Business TravelerWhether you’re a seasoned business traveler or just getting used to taking your trade on the go, sometimes a little advice can go a long way. Use these travel tips to skip lines, find time to relax, and stay focused for all your business travel trips.

TSA Pre-Check & Global Entry

You would be hard-pressed to find someone that actually enjoys standing in the long, seemingly never ending security lines. Save yourself time—and sometimes, it’s a lot of time—by enrolling in TSA Pre-Check. For the cost of just $85 for a five year membership, a small amount of paperwork, and a short interview, you’ll be able to participate in this pre-approval program. You’ll get to move through what is typically a much shorter line. And bonus! You can leave your shoes, belt, and light jackets on, and leave your clunky laptop and liquids in your bag. This is one business travel tip that certainly pays off and will give you more time to browse the magazines or grab a cup of coffee before you board. See all the details and eligibilitly at TSA Pre-Check’s website.

Get into Airport Lounges, Even with an Economy Ticket

Once you’re inside the airport and quickly past security, it’s time to grab a snack and relax (as long as you’re not running late!).

Even among frequent fliers, it’s a little-known secret that passengers who are flying economy can access airport lounges that offer a range of useful amenities. For those who aren’t flying first-class or paying membership fees to gain lounge access, there’s typically just a one-time fee to be paid at the door. And if you’re looking to save on lounge access for multiple airlines, you can invest in Priority Pass, which gives you access to hundreds of different lounges around the globe. Whether you’re just looking to kick back in a more comfortable chair, catch some sleep during a long layover, or print important documents for your upcoming meetings, these lounges can truly come through when you need them the most.

Volunteer to Get Bumped Off Your Flight

Unfortunately, overbooked flights are just part of the occasional travel experience. While waiting around for someone to be nice enough to give up their seat can be frustrating when you’re on a tight schedule, you should look into the perks of being the crowd favorite if your calendar allows for it. Volunteering to get bumped off your flight can pay handsomely, whether that’s in cash or in flight vouchers. Don’t hold back on negotiating either, it’s actually your right do so. The United States Department of Transportation does not mandate the form or the amount of the compensation that volunteers receive, but it does allow carriers and passengers to negotiate their way to a mutually agreed upon solution. Make sure you check your company travel policy in this regard, including the reporting of any compensation received to change flights.

Stay Connected for Less

Wireless connectivity is only becoming more and more of a necessity when you’re on the road, as you’re expected to be able to perform most of their job functions despite being on the move. Therefore, in-flight Wi-Fi has become a must-have. However, you may hesitate when you see what one session of Wi-Fi for a short flight will cost. You may stand to save large sums when you sign up for plans billed monthly or annually from common airline Wi-Fi services like Boingo™. If you travel more than 10 times in a year for work, consider investing in Wi-Fi for the full year.

Get Ahead of Jet Leg

When road warriors have to cover long distances, jet lag can really put a damper on important meetings and productivity. The last thing you need during an important presentation or meeting is to be sleep deprived. Use this travel tip to help lessen the dulling effects of jet leg.

An effective strategy for dealing with jet lag can actually begin before you even step out of the door for your trip. If possible, try mimicking your new sleep schedule before you leave. By moving your bedtime up incrementally over the nights leading up to your travel, you’ll be better adjusted when you arrive at your destination.

Once you’re on the ground, the reality is that your body can only readjust to a new rhythm so quickly. Aside from the business travel life tip above, be sure to stay hydrated and avoid caffeine later in the day.

Know Where You’re Going

Speaking of planning ahead, our last travel tip can save you from some potentially awkward encounters once you reach your destination. For those who travel on international business trips, it’s important to acquaint yourself with some of the different cultural norms you will encounter while on your trip, especially in a business setting.  Be sure to brush up on everything from the standard greetings to the different tipping guidelines you will often be expected to follow.

We hope that these business travel tips will make your life on the road a little smoother.