By now, the Big Data revolution has left almost no industry untouched. The ability to access and draw insights from rich data sets has transformed the way many businesses function and increased the speed with which they can improve. If your business travel program doesn’t tap into travel data analytics, then it may be falling behind the curve.

Using travel data analytics alongside new and improved reporting tools offers corporate travel programs a newfound ability to analyze behaviors and locate areas for improvement. Partnering with American Express Global Business Travel, for example, gives program managers the ability to utilize our data repository. That amounts to millions of different business trips across a range of industries, and you can use it to learn about an incredible variety of travel patterns, pricing, and best practices.

Use travel data analytics to compare the way your company is traveling against many others to unlock new insights that weren’t previously possible. Benchmark your data against industry and market standards to see how you’re performing against your closest competitors and to find an edge. Because of the volume of data at your disposal, you can also perform powerful analyses that allow you to ask the question “What If?” Predict what impact specific changes to your travel policy will have before you put them into effect. With travel data analytics from American Express Global Business Travel, it’s all about managing corporate travel with a higher level of intelligence.

New to travel data analytics? Let our expert travel consultants guide you through the best ways to utilize our suite of reporting tools. With nearly 100 corporate travel reports to choose from, you’ll be able to tailor the way you use data to best support your company’s particular operations. Get your corporate travel program on board with the Big Data revolution today, and start tapping into travel data analytics.