Get travel cost predictions for 2015 from American Express Global Business Travel. The 2015 Global Business Travel Forecast tells you what you can expect to pay in 2015.

The 2015 Global Business Travel Forecast offers country-specific air, hotel, and ground travel cost predictions across North America, Latin America, Europe the Middle East and Asia Pacific. With over 2,000 travel cost predictions covering more than 100 countries, the American Express Global Business Travel Forecast 2015 provides readers unmatched detail about the coming year.

We know that getting an idea of travel costs for the upcoming year can be difficult, especially as your business’ goals and destinations change in real-time. The 2015 Global Business Travel Forecast can help you plan and revise your business’ travel costs more efficiently.

Here’s a snapshot from 30,000 feet:

North America Travel Cost Predictions

Fewer carriers and tighter capacity controls combined with a rising economy will likely lift short-haul and long-haul fares. High hotel occupancies and limited new supply are expected to push rates higher as hotels renovate in order to better compete, especially in major business locations.

South America Travel Cost Predictions

A range of stable and unstable economies results in a very mixed travel cost forecast, although we believe it shows conservative growth overall. Dominance by a few full-service carriers will likely lift long-haul rates. Limited hotel capacity should also drive strong rate increases, particularly for Brazil and Argentina.

EMEA Travel Cost Predictions

We expect airfares to remain flat overall due to insignificant movement among airline carriers and tighter travel policies. Small hotel increases are predicted for much of the region as some cities add new hotel taxes.

Asia Pacific Travel Cost Predictions

We believe that slower growth (by regional standards) should soften increases in demand and push airfares downward slightly. Hotel rates should still rise slightly in most countries, but at a slower rate than before.