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Meetings & Events

Planning Meetings and Events in Emerging Countries

Have you considered placing a meeting in an emerging country? What do you need to look out for when planning an event there? And what is an emerging country anyway?…

Meetings & Events

Incentives: Engage

With all the buzz about how millennials are changing the workplace and shifting planners’ meeting strategies, it should come as no surprise that this generation – defined globally as individuals…

Meetings & Events

Global Compliance Outlook- Meetings

Regulatory compliance continues to be a critical issue for corporations and their meetings operations is one operational area where the potential risks and penalties can be significant. In particular, government…

Meetings & Events

Four Empowering Digital Event Solutions

Meeting professionals now have the opportunity to rethink meeting design and content delivery to capitalize on digital solutions and engage the audience in new and exciting ways. New technologies are…

Meetings & Events

Emerging Africa: Exploring Meetings on a Changing Continent

Africa has long been a popular destination for incentive travel, but with the continent increasingly regarded as a key development region for business, a deeper look is required to fully…

Travel Tips & Trends

Tipping Etiquette And Guidelines Across The Globe

While tipping usually isn’t mandatory, it is customary for most cultures. But how do you know if you’re in a country where tipping is required or virtually unheard of? Tipping…