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Travel Insights

Global Business Travel Forecast 2017: What travelers will pay in the Americas

After an uneven 2016 that saw only limited increases in overall pricing, the business travel outlook for next year looks to be similarly subdued, with flat to moderate rate increases…

Travel Tips & Trends

The Share Economy Sets its Sights on Business Travel

Over the last several years the so-called sharing economy has, quite simply, exploded. Rides on bikes, in cars, and on planes are being shared. Private rooms and even entire apartments…

Travel Tips & Trends

5 Perks of Airport Lounge Access

Airport terminals can be a stressful place. With crowds of travelers lugging suitcases all around you, a constant hum of noise, and long lines for everything from breakfast to a…

Travel Insights

Meet the Modern Business Traveler

Road warrior is a decades-old phrase used to describe the frequent business traveler. It relates to a time when business travel was arduous and often lonely, experience. The notion of…