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Travel Tips & Trends

Understanding Cultural Differences in Business

When traveling internationally, understanding cultural differences in business can go a long way in furthering both your career and your company’s goals. While some confusion can often lead to amusing…

Meetings & Events

Great Expectations: The Evolving Landscape of Technology in Meetings

Discover powerful new findings from proprietary research of meeting planners/owners and meeting attendees on expectations for virtual and social media in meetings. With the revolution in smart phone functionality since…

Travel Tips & Trends

Popular Cities for Business Travel

Getting to Know the Top Destinations for Business Trips Using our trove of business travel data, American Express Global Travel (GBT) has shared a snapshot of the past year’s business…

Travel Tips & Trends

The Business Travel Industry on the Rise

The Business Travel Industry Bounces Back When the recession happened several years back, the business travel industry, like so many others, took a big hit. However, after a strong recovery…

Travel Insights

Tap into Travel Data Analytics

By now, the Big Data revolution has left almost no industry untouched. The ability to access and draw insights from rich data sets has transformed the way many businesses function…

Travel Tips & Trends

Controlling International Business Travel Costs

As today’s world becomes more connected than ever, it’s important to maintain in-person appearances in order to achieve strong relationships and connections. However, when it comes to connecting an international…

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