As today’s world becomes more connected than ever, it’s important to maintain in-person appearances in order to achieve strong relationships and connections. However, when it comes to connecting an international workforce, the related travel expenses can quickly add up. Companies with business interests overseas must plan to invest a large amount in a variety of international business travel related fees. From visa and passport dues to long distance flights and lengthy hotel stays, companies often justify the pricey cost of international business travel. However, with American Express Global Business Travel we say no more. Rather than manage your international workforce on an inefficient ad hoc basis, we use our time-tested relationships with vendors, analytics reports, and global network to save your business time and money. Learn why your travel management company should help to reduce and control costs so you can focus on the things that really matter.

Travel Policy Compliance

Your corporate travel policy should manage and control business expenses, yet still be efficient and easy for travelers to comply with. American Express Global Business Travel’s Expert Auditor™ examines every online and offline booking automatically for compliance. When travelers are attempting to book out of policy, they’re immediately alerted as are designated authorizers who can approve, decline or hold the booking. This makes it easier for employees to follow the policy and for your company to enforce cost-saving behaviors.

Mobile Itinerary Management & Online Booking Tools

With a wide array of travel choices available, it’s often difficult to identify the most beneficial option. This becomes especially true when dealing with the multiple layovers and time zone changes associated with international business travel. Our online booking tool allows Travel Managers a variety of filters and options so they can choose the best fit for each trip. With seamless data integration, travelers can view itineraries on the go and get immediate support if things go wrong to make the most cost effective decision.

Expense Reporting and Tracking

With an international workforce, expense reporting and tracking can take on a whole new level of complication. The addition of different currencies and languages can become a nightmare for your team as they may overlook fraud cases or don’t provide consideration for VAT. With American Express Global Business Travel, your travelers are able to compile expense reports online or on their mobile app throughout their trip, giving you more control over on the go spending. Travel Managers can also maximize control over cost saving measures by responding to approval requests in real time and having access to comprehensive analytics and reports.

Visa and Passport Services

American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) can assist its customers with Visa and Passport service needs by recommending third party vendors that have been vetted by GBT.  During the visa documentation process that will take place for our clients, GBT and the third party Visa and Passport company may have direct/indirect contact with government entities and officials in order to expedite the services.