As companies seek to grow, implementing a successful global workforce management strategy is top priority. Increasing international competition paired with hyper-connected societies drives the need for more and more workers to be based far from company headquarters. In order to maintain a standard level of communication, the implementation of a global workforce requires an increased amount of travel at all levels. However, this remoteness of the corporate workforce can often lead to a lack of communication and enforcement of company policy concerning travel and expense reporting. That’s where American Express Global Business Travel comes in.

By strategically managing the various variables that can make business travel and expense reporting seem complex, we are able to maximize the return on your investment while ensuring compliance. Whether you’re seeking to implement a global workforce management infrastructure or merely strengthen your existing model, American Express Global Business Travel can help your company create a tailored travel program to streamline processes, control costs and keep the traveler happy.


Your workforce is always the most mission-critical asset to your company. No matter the time zone, when travelers run into an unexpected travel crisis, they expect immediate support. And not just from an app on their phone. Our EXPERT CARE travel disruption management tool allows you to immediately locate travelers in trouble, communicate via phone, and rebook using real-time data.

Travel Planning

While technologies such as Skype may make sense for some meetings, nothing creates connections better than in-person contact. From airlines and hotels to ground transportation, our online booking tools allow travelers to maximize savings and increase compliance, while maintaining traveler comfort. And because American Express Global Business Travel is represented in nearly 140 countries around the globe, your global workforce will never feel disconnected.

Currency & Language

When dealing with a global workforce, it’s important that your workers are able to communicate in the language of their choice and in a currency they understand. Your global workforce management travel plan should incorporate real-time data for currency exchange rates and make accurate comparisons of cost. American Express Global Business Travel’s presence across six continents allows customers access to a resourceful team of experts, who can advise on local customs and practices in several languages, as well as help with the best pricing value at every touch point.

Controlled Costs

From airfare and hotels to car services and amenities, finding the best pricing is always a top priority. Through the power of big data and expense management solutions, everything we do is to save your company time and money. By increasing the accuracy, ease, and speed of expense reporting for your travelers, they can focus on the real issues at hand and not receipts. While our utilization of big data on our PERFORMANCE DASHBOARD will help your company to identify cost saving measures and even help your company to go greener.