Have you considered placing a meeting in an emerging country? What do you need to
look out for when planning an event there? And what is an emerging country anyway?

An emerging country is a country that has been typically less developed but the economy is beginning to rapidly grow. The four largest emerging and developing economies are the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), with India and China considered to be the largest. Some other countries that are considered by some to be emerging are Mexico, Indonesia, South Africa, South Korea and Turkey.

The meetings business in emerging countries has grown significantly in recent years, as these economies have increased in importance. There is a much greater desire to meet in these countries than ever before, and that brings to light a different set of challenges, experiences, as well as a greater sense of duty of care for planners.

There are five aspects to meeting planning that are imperative for planners to focus on in order to ensure their meeting goes smoothly in an emerging country: security, technology, transportation, food & beverage, and payments.

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