Help American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) excel your business!

With the new Traveler Amenity Fund on Jetstream, contracted agencies have a broad suite of amenities to choose from, anytime. Previously, amenities were negotiated at the beginning of your contract and were set in stone for its duration. Now you can adjust to business needs and purchase directly, or have GBT purchase what you want, when it’s needed most.

In order for GBT Counselors to gain access to this great new feature, corporations must first grant Counselors access to United corporate funds through a three step process:


  1. Log into Jetstream
  2. Check the box to authorize and designate which Traveler Services may be processed; and
  3. Authorize AOR funding level – click here for a reference guide with more information about this process and the Amenity Fund Bank


New enhanced reporting for corporations
Gain valuable insight on ways to maximize your partnership with United, with new Jetstream reporting features, including: ancillary spend reports, corporate savings estimator, segment breakdown by level and carbon footprint metrics.

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