Without a full view of your travel spend, how can you know that you’re making the most of your travel investment? But with the right time-saving analytics platform, you can find new efficiency within your travel program and drive maximum savings. Below are three ways that help you access and evaluate more travel data.

Everything in its right place

Your travelers are generating huge amounts of data. Every action they take, from offline travel booking to swiping their corporate card while on the road, can add up to meaningful data that offers a comprehensive overview of your program’s performance—so long as you’re able to capture such information along the way. PREMIER INSIGHTS, the travel data analytics platform from American Express Global Business Travel (GBT), gathers end-to-end data, from the booking of a trip to a traveler’s safe return, all in one place. What’s more, it gives travel managers the ability to zero in on an individual traveler or supplier’s data—in addition to the big-picture view. This means that you can use the incremental insights you need to help achieve maximum transparency, accountability, and return on your travel investment.

Survey the field

Maximizing the utility of travel data doesn’t have to be limited to analyzing your own program’s spend and behavior. With access to the right data set, you can benchmark your company’s performance against industry competitors. American Express GBT gathers your performance data and enables you to evaluate your program in its true competitive context.

Take your travel policy for a test drive

Making changes to a travel policy is no small order. Beyond the cumbersome process of creating and finalizing explicit changes to the written policy, your whole traveling workforce needs to be made aware of policy changes and educated on how to comply. Then you have to wait for the data to roll in to see the effects of the policy changes. The right travel data tools, however, can help eliminate complicated analyses and an arduous process that resembles ”guess and check.”

Quickly crunching historical travel data to get a view of the future, a leading-edge analytics platform can deliver actionable data that answers the question of ”what if”? Want to know what change in advanced booking behavior will do to your program’s travel costs? Get your answer in seconds. This capability puts a picture of your travel program’s future at your fingertips, saving you time and effort, and showing you where the greatest opportunities for savings are.

Learn more about what you can do once you have your travel data in plain view with PREMIER INSIGHTS.