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Airline Terminology 101: A Guide to Decoding Aviation Lingo

There seems to be some confusion surrounding terms the airline industry uses. For instance, many people believe “nonstop” and “direct” flights are the same thing. They are not. Neither are…

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The Latest Airport Security Measures Being Tested Around the World

As we’ve reported in the Atlas last year, airports across the world have been introducing a slew of biometric tools and other technology to improve security and expedite long lines….

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Premium Economy: The Not-So-New Cabin That May Begin to Impact Corporate Travel Policies

The question posed in the headline of a recent Telegraph article caught our attention: “The Death of Business Class? The Rise and Rise of Premium Economy,” it read. Sure, premium…

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The World’s Top 10 Airports Where You Won’t Mind Being Stranded

Now we’re not saying corporate travelers ever hope for a flight delay or layover, but there are a few airports they certainly wouldn’t mind being stuck in. The airport-ranking site…

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Air Travel Forecast 2018

What is the outlook for air travel in 2018? According to our newly released Global Business Travel Forecast, demand is rapidly expanding on a global level. Yet, while fares are…

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6 Ways To Survive The Busy Air Travel Season

The airport during the holiday season resembles a high-traffic tourist destination, like Times Square in New York City or the Mong Kok district in Hong Kong. You have your veterans…

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New Airport Security Measures Take Effect on All U.S.-Bound Flights

From the in-cabin laptop ban imposed in March (and lifted in July) to the temporary ban restricting travel from six countries that took effect in June and most recently Trump’s…

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Reduce Airport Wait Times with CLEAR, Global Entry and TSA Precheck Programs

It’s got to be the most frustrating part of air travel: Standing in the long, windy, stress-inducing security lines. But if you’re a savvy jet-setter like our very own Tom…