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Travel News

Controlling International Business Travel Costs

As today’s world becomes more connected than ever, it’s important to maintain in-person appearances in order to achieve strong relationships and connections. However, when it comes to connecting an international…

Travel News

Travel Policy Best Practices

Four Travel Policy Best Practices Travel and entertainment spending is typically one of the largest controllable expenses that a company has. Not following travel policy best practices is an easy—and…

Travel News

Utilizing a Corporate Travel Agent

Over the last several years, technology has revolutionized the way we travel. Because of the influx of online booking tools available to anyone that provide savings, it may be tempting…

Meetings & Events

Business Travel Incentives

What are Business Travel Incentives? Business travel incentives, also known as employee incentive programs or incentive travel programs, are a decades-old practice, but even still, many may find a primer…

Travel News

Travel Cost Predictions from the 2015 Global Business Travel Forecast

Get travel cost predictions for 2015 from American Express Global Business Travel. The 2015 Global Business Travel Forecast tells you what you can expect to pay in 2015. The 2015…

Travel News

Creating a Tailored Global Workforce Management Travel Program

As companies seek to grow, implementing a successful global workforce management strategy is top priority. Increasing international competition paired with hyper-connected societies drives the need for more and more workers…