Since September 2016, ACTE has conducted a series of research studies
underwritten by American Express Global Business Travel that focus on the modern business traveler — specifically, what it is they are seeking in their travel experiences and how travel managers (TM) are adapting to meet their travelers’ evolving needs.

For the latest report, “Managing the Modern Business Traveler,” ACTE surveyed over 170 TMs around the world about how their roles are shifting and how they are responding to the modern business traveler’s changing needs and behaviors.

Here are a few key takeaways from the research:

Quality of life expectations: The modern business traveler wants to mitigate impact of business travel on their personal life and more TMs are being asked about tools and policy changes that give traveling employees greater work-life balance.

Crossing the border: In addition to concerns over personal safety, more travelers are making inquiries about immigration and border crossing.

Pushing policy: Because there are more opportunities for travelers to “do the wrong thing” (i.e., book outside the corporate-approved booking tools), TMs overseeing managed programs are trying various tactics — including psychology-based approaches — to boost compliance.

Emerging technology: Some TMs are exploring how AI and chatbots can help them understand their travelers better, yet it’s slow going and most still favor traditional platforms.

How else are TMs responding to the modern business travelers’ needs? Click here to read the full “Managing the Modern Business Traveler” white paper.