Looking into 2020, meeting professionals are “very optimistic” about the meetings and events industry, according to the 2020 Meetings & Events Forecast. Even as some analysts are warning of a potential economic downturn, our survey respondents are predicting healthy growth, and we are encouraged to see that all of the speculation recently about global economic and political instability has not dampened the spirits of meeting professionals.

As of mid-year, when the survey was completed, respondents were feeling positive about the health of the industry in 2020. With so much possible upheaval looming in the near future—Brexit later in 2019, the US federal election in 2020, ongoing global trade wars, to name just a few—it would be understandable if industry professionals were nervous. But they are notably more optimistic than they have been in recent years. Respondents in every region are predicting growth in all meeting types.

To dig into some quick numbers, check out this infographic that shows predictions for global activity. And to download the full 2020 Global Meetings and Events Forecast, click here.