An employee’s business travel experience can have a profound effect on their productivity and job satisfaction, yet many company leaders do not have an idea about what their staff members want and expect from the corporate travel program.

To give travel managers (TM) better insight into the perceptions and preferences of modern business travelers, American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) teamed up with its exclusive partner to present the webinar “The State of 2019 Corporate Travel.”

The webinar, informed by key findings from a recent survey Lola conducted, was led by Evan Konwiser, vice president of Digital Traveler at American Express GBT, and Krista Pappas, Lola’s senior vice president of business development.

During the discussion, Konwiser and Pappas covered key factors impacting the travel experience, including:

  • How the size of a company can influence the kind of employees it attracts and therefore what kind of expectations workers have of the corporate travel program
  • Whether employees view business travel more as a privilege or burden and what changes and additions TMs can introduce to the program to enhance the overall experience
  • How companies can/should deliver on the perk travelers value most — loyalty points — and more about the special rewards programs American Express GBT has with some of its preferred suppliers

Didn’t get a chance to attend the live webinar? No problem! Tune in anytime by playing the video below.