Looking ahead to 2018, the meetings and events industry can be described as a thriving environment. We are seeing steady and increasing investment with meetings viewed as a growth enabler within organizations. This growth mindset highlights the ongoing opportunity for the meetings and events industry to create value and expand its impact and reach. The value we create as meeting professionals has not only been recognized by corporations, but also in the investment community, which will help fuel innovation and further investments.

Featured Sections

    • China: How to Manage Compliant Meetings – China continues to be a challenging market when it comes to the operation of compliant meetings and events. This special section outlines some of the specific areas to watch for when planning meetings in China, and indicates some basic next steps you can take to help mitigate meetings-related risk.


    • Benchmarking Your Meetings Journey – Meetings program owners are interested in understanding their current state relative to other similar programs. They are also looking for ways to improve the performance of their programs. This special section includes a new interactive component. Meeting owners can take an online survey to indicate where they want their program to be on the meetings journey, then assess current state. They will receive a report with suggestions for next steps to take to move their programs along the continuum.


  • Understanding Your Attendees: The Key to Event Success – Every event attendee comes with their own perspective, goals and personality, from The Social Butterfly to The Reluctant Attendee. Understanding these personalities at a high level can give insight into how your events can be tailored to meet attendees’ varying needs. While solving for everyone isn’t always realistic, planning with likely attendee personas in mind is a great first step.