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Travel News

American Express Global Business Travel Hackathon 2020: Fostering Ingenuity to Better Serve Our Clients

January 30, 2020 – In June 1999, OpenBSD held the very first recorded hackathon. A bunch of developers from around the world were invited to congregate in a house in…

Research & Insights

Fact or Fiction? A Fun Quiz to Test Your Hotel Knowledge

Will business travelers earn loyalty points when booking through the company’s booking channels? Should they spend time trying to find the lowest hotel rate online, or is what’s available in…

Travel News

Brexit in 2020 and Beyond: How It Might Impact Your Business Travel Program

On Jan. 31, 2020, Britain formally withdrew from the European Union after nearly half a century of membership, but what does that all mean for your corporate travel program and…

Research & Insights

The Air Monitor 2020 from American Express Global Business Travel

Developed by GBT’s Global Business Consulting team, the Air Monitor is GBT’s annual air price forecast, backed up by analysis of the trends that are driving fares. The 2020 edition…

Travel Tips & Trends

Trends We’re Anticipating Will Have an Impact on Business Travel in 2020

In a recent Atlas post, we revisited some events in 2019 affecting business travel. Today let’s look ahead and see what trends may shape the travel experience in 2020 –…

Travel Tips & Trends

Top 10 Useful Gadgets for the Business Traveler

Making life more convenient and comfortable is always a good idea, especially so for today’s well-being-conscious business traveler. American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) takes a look at some useful…