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Encouraging in-policy travel

Achieving compliance—getting employees to book the right, money-saving trips—is tough. However, the rewards are significant. That’s where our compliance and approval solutions can help. These solutions work in tandem or on their own to drive traveller compliance by maximising booking transparency, monitoring bookings and enforcing rule-based policies. Expert Approval™ works before a trip is booked, giving travel managers the ability to determine whether travel is required, whereas Expert Auditor™ works during the booking process to make sure that each booking follows your travel policy’s rules. The result? Savings. Lots of savings.

Expert Auditor™

Rule logic

To start, Travel Managers create a custom, rule-based logic that is applied automatically to every online and offline booking. These rules can drastically increase policy compliance and savings.

Alerts and moderation

Then, if a traveller attempts to arrange non-compliant travel, they will be instantly notified and encouraged to find a better option. Designated authorisers will also be alerted and can either approve, decline or hold purchases.

Compliance analytics

Finally, Travel Managers can use detailed reporting to identify trends, understand issues and tweak compliance policies.

How it works

Expert Auditor™

Expert Auditor™ is a pre-trip auditing solution that reviews online and offline bookings processed by American Express Global Business Travel (GBT). By significantly limiting the traveller’s ability to circumvent the system or company policy, Expert Auditor™ drives policy compliance across all booking channels. With configuration that allows for notification or authorisation, Expert Auditor™ enables you to exert the level of control you deem appropriate for your company.

"Danske Bank now has better oversight and control on how each of their 7,000 travellers are booking along with the ability to optimise data.”

Christian, American Express GBT Client Manager.