United Airlines’ ConnectionSaver

United Airlines has introduced ConnectionSaver, a new tool designed to improve the traveler experience as they connect from one United flight to the next. The tool helps travelers to get to their destination on time, so they can honor their commitments – whether business or pleasure.

ConnectionSaver is powered by new technology that automatically identifies departing flights that can be held for connecting customers, while ensuring those who have already boarded the aircraft will arrive at their destination on time. The tool also sends personalized text messages to every connecting customer with clear directions to the gate for their connecting flight and information about how long the walk will take.

The tool was tested earlier this year for four months, and during this time, more than 14,400 passengers – who would have otherwise missed their connections – were able to make their flights thanks to ConnectionSaver. What’s more, flights that United held for connecting customers were delayed by an average of only six minutes.

ConnectionSaver technology will expand to United’s hubs by the end of 2019 and to all other airports where United operates in the future.

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