Booking and managing business travel can be a breeze when all the right systems are in place. Your employees have a corporate card, they manage their trip, you capture their spend … case closed. But what do you do when things aren’t so simple? For example, when you have a contractor who doesn’t have a corporate charge card? This can create hassles for the employee and your program, and can be a deal-breaker in booking travel – particularly travel that’s policy compliant.

This is where American Express Global Business Travel’s virtual card number (VCN) comes in to play. Available to clients through the Virtual Payment Expert™ (VPE) solution and powered by Conferma Pay, a leading provider of virtual card technology, it’s a simple and powerful way to ensure no area of your travel program is untouched, regardless of who is traveling.

Virtual card numbers can be generated simply and quickly for use with travel bookings – during the implementation of VPE,  your company can determine a spending cap for the virtual card, also adding a per diem and activation period.

We have seen that virtual card technology is quickly expanding into more areas of corporate travel, and are pleased to share some more information about VPE, including a compelling scenario.