If it’s time to optimize your corporate lodging program, we have good news! The 2020 Hotel Monitor – produced by the Global Business Consulting arm of American Express Global Business Travel – is here.

This annual hotel analysis, which showcases key insights about trends that will impact pricing and buying strategies, is highly anticipated and is an invaluable tool in assisting with your supplier negotiations.

A particular highlight of the report is the focus on top technology trends that are driving change across every area of corporate lodging. As well as sharing these technological advances, our team has also provided tips on how to use data insights to optimize every area of your lodging program, highlighted in an accompanying white paper, entitled Putting Data to Work for Your Lodging Program.

In addition to the 2020 Hotel Monitor and this valuable white paper, we are also delighted to share a price forecast for 150 key cities around the world, to help drive your 2020 hotel budget conversations.

To begin diving into this exciting and rapidly evolving area of business travel, please click here to access these valuable resources. Of course, if you’d like to discuss any of the topics covered in further detail, please reach out to your Client Manager.