In 2015, Allianz Asset Management (AAM) began seeking ways to improve efficiencies within their travel program. Having a smaller travel program in regard to number of travelers, AAM was looking for better ways to save money. To do this, they created a goal to align their travel program with an affiliated company’s travel policy because of the tremendous benefits that could follow. Managing their travel program under their affiliated company’s policy could give them better negotiation power with a larger pool of vendors, bigger discounts based on travel volume, and the ability to have global and customized reporting capabilities. That’s when they returned to us, American Express Global Business Travel (GBT), to implement a program that would work with their affiliated company’s program while receiving superior service and excellent program support, and most importantly, incorporate cost savings.

First, we collaborated internally to understand the successful elements of the existing policies. With that insight, we began developing and implementing a travel program that was consistent with those of their affiliated company.

We then matched global and custom reporting capabilities and ensured the reports were compatible and configured accurately.

Optimizing benefits
Our next focus was on how we could maximize cost savings. AAM’s affiliated company had numerous air contracts, a global hotel program, and utilized several car service companies. We added these options to AAM’s travel program so they could gain new discounts, and ultimately, save money.

One of the many benefits that came along with this implementation was AAM’s opportunity to use PREFERRED EXTRAS—an American Express GBT savings program that provides reduced rates and added amenities that other Travel Management Companies (TMC’s) may not be able to offer.To further enhance the customer experience with PREFERRED EXTRAS, we negotiated exclusive amenities, upgrades and travel perks not available to the general public as part of our supplier discount programs. Additionally, these programs helped eliminate spend outside of AAM’s travel program.

Seamless transition
Lastly, AAM was already using Concur™ Expense (an expense management tool) with its previous TMC. Since we also offer services with Concur, we facilitated the transition from the previous TMC, nearly uninterrupted. Additionally, AAM was using onsite travel agents to help travelers book business trips. With a focus on savings and process streamlining, we integrated PERSONAL ASSISTANT, a solution that replaces an on-site travel manager while still providing a high level of personalized service. This solution was perfect for AAM—they still had a tailored booking service but it no longer involved an onsite travel agent.

Having prior knowledge of AAM’s travel program combined with an already developed policy with their affiliated company made the implementation deploy right on time, with no delays. AAM now has more accurate, customized reporting, and greater visibility to policy adherence—all of the elements they were looking for in a successful travel management program.

Great program support wasn’t the only thing AAM got out of their new travel program:

  • Mirrored travel volume 29¹ times its initial volume for greater negotiation power
  • Significant savings through PREFERRED EXTRAS including: Domestic & International Discounts, and Preferred Hotel program discounts on best available rates or free amenities
  • Reduced costs by eliminating the need for an onsite travel manager and incorporating PERSONAL ASSISTANT

¹ Source: American Express Global Business Travel Reporting

  • INDUSTRY: Financial Services
  • TRAVELERS: 100



  • Better reporting and program options
  • Desired superior service and program support
  • Improve cost savings and negotiation power



  • Expanded reporting capabilities by aligning with affiliated company’s policy
  • Personalized booking experience through PERSONAL ASSISTANT
  • Received reduced rates in PREFERRED EXTRAS program



  • Mirrored travel volume 29¹ times its initial volume for greater negotiation power
  • Eliminated need for onsite travel manager saving money
  • Increased significant domestic, international, and hotel discounts