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A one-stop travel solution

Business travel is a great way to grow your business. We’re with you every step of the way, delivering all the essentials of a well-managed travel program.

An effective travel program works for you on all levels. You’ll be able to manage the high costs of travel, look out for your travelers, and support your duty of care requirements. But if you don’t have a program that’s ok because all the components are here with this one-stop solution.

  • Manage the trip effortlessly

    From booking to traveling to reporting, every part of the trip becomes easier with tools and services that work together seamlessly. Travelers will have a centralized booking platform and proactive assistance when flights cancel.

    Managers can run reports on your travel spend and uncover opportunities for program improvement. Unused flight tickets? You’ll have a way to regain the value and apply it to a new one. With so many complex details linked to the travel experience, it’ll be great to have efficient ways to manage it all.

Better Booking

Travelers will have a choice of all major airlines, ground transportation providers and over 2 million overnight stay options so there’s no need to search elsewhere.1. They can book a door-to-door trip in minutes with our AI-driven booking platform.

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Getting travelers to book economical trips is easier when you have our booking approval system that notifies a manager of bookings before they’re ticketed. Set it up the way that works best for you.

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Discounts on flights, hotel, and car rentals are already negotiated for you. And with airfares and hotel rates changing all the time, it’s good to know you’ll never the miss the lowest price with our reshopping technology.

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Travelers get the know-me support of travel counselors. With access to a traveler’s preferences, they’ll know where they’ve been, where they’re going and what they like.

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Cancelled and delayed flights are bound to happen. But now travelers will be notified and assisted so they can get booked on an alternate flight.

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The do-it-all app

A productive traveler is a connected traveler. When travelers download the Amex GBT Mobile app they can stay on top of all their trip details.

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Open the window to more

Travel creates an incredible amount of data which can work in your favor. When you see spend details on your dashboard, you can uncover promising new savings opportunities. Our reporting makes that happen for you.

Track flight expenses

See if travelers are booking flights early enough to get lower rates.

Gather proof points

Gather proof points

Save time

Get the answers you need from your dashboard without having to set up detailed search criteria.

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