Turkish Airlines Corporate Club

Turkish Airlines is redefining air travel to offer travellers an unforgettable journey. They provide time-saving and cost-efficient benefits that make flying with them easier and more profitable. Exclusive Drive With Turkish Airlines, corporate travellers in business class enjoy access to their complimentary exclusive drive service, which takes them from door-to-door in comfort and style. Personal Touchpoint With Turkish Airlines Corporate Club, corporate travelers enjoy support from account management teams, allowing for more seamless booking and budgeting. Priorities Passengers have priority entrance, business class check-in, fast track, and priority boarding advantages. Exclusive Fare Discounts Turkish Airlines offers exclusive corporate fares for Business and Economy Class flights. These exclusive rates are available regardless of number of tickets purchased during the contract year. Flexibility Turkish Airlines Corporate Club members can rebook or reroute the tickets to suit business requirements. This is a major benefit enabling companies to save a great deal of money while still being able to respond to the needs of the ever-changing business world. Exclusive Baggage Allowance Turkish Airlines Corporate Club provides Economy and Business Class travellers with an extra baggage allowance that enables them to carry more business essentials. Peace of Mind Turkish Airlines has  been awarded the Diamond status by Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) Health Safety powered by SimpliFlying for its efforts in providing the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitization. Travellers can visit the APEX Health Safety page for detailed information about the assessment, which includes 75 touchpoints in 10 categories. Learn more about Turkish Airlines Corporate Club.

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